For my consulting work I use GasTurb 12 and GasTurb 13 as well as my experimental performance program ExPP23 which I can adapt to the customer's wishes. 
Please note that ExPP23 is confidential. It can only be shown to consulting clients.

Workshops and Teaching 

 I offer workshops and seminars covering all sorts of topics, for example:

  • cycle selection and preliminary design
  • off-design steady state and transient performance modeling
  • how to create a performance model of a specific engine
  • conventional and model based test analysis
  • engine start and windmilling simulation
  • etc.

Hello GasTurb, GSP, PROOSIS and NPSS users!
You need compressor and turbine maps for your performance studies?

I can generate them for you! 

The source of your map may be a figure from a publication, calculated or measured data as text file, and input data from your favourite performance program. Extending the map down to 1% spool speed and to pressure ratios less than unity - as needed for starting and windmilling simulations - is not a problem.

Download a free sample from the C Maps page!

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