You are on the website of Dr. Joachim Kurzke, the inventor of GasTurb. This software for calculating gas turbine performance has been well known in the public domain and acknowledged all over the world since 1995. In 2013 the ownership of GasTurb 12 and the accompanying software was transferred to the newly founded GasTurb GmbH in Aachen, Germany. I continued to support the further GasTurb development with my experience. This fruitful cooperation resulted in an even more powerful release, named GasTurb 13. This version retained the established structure, technical standards, and engineering approach. During the development of Version 13 GasTurb's unique selling point, the easy-to-learn, user-friendly graphical interface was further enhanced.

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 In October 2019 GasTurb GmbH declared the end of collaboration. I dissociate myself from GasTurb 14 which has been released by them in August 2021.

I have continued to work on gas turbine performance simulation issues. My experimental software incorporates new simulation algorithms, a user interface inspired by Microsoft Office, a method for identifying questionable calculations in the graphical output and numerous other features which make the program easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. I have had the opportunity to present my work at various conferences; some of it has been published in the Journal of the Global Power and Propulsion Society GPPS.

What’s New?

  • The second issue of "Propulsion and Power" is on its way. The manuscript has just been submitted to Springer Nature, and the book is expected to be published later this year.
  • I'll be at Turbo Expo 2024 next week. On Monday, June 24, from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM. I'll give a tutorial on the basics of gas turbine and aircraft engine performance.
    You can download the material I will present here shortly after the conference.


GasTurb is a trademark of GasTurb GmbH, Aachen, Germany